SexArt – Shrima Malati Deep Emotion (12.12.2018)

Petite beauty Shrima Malati gazes lovingly at Vito Marciano, as Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie “Deep Emotion” begins. They kiss tenderly, and when Shrima takes off her top, her bullet-hard nipples reveal how much her man’s caress has aroused her. She nuzzles his stiffening cock through his shorts before wrapping her lips around it and sucking. Straddling him, she grinds her shaved pussy up and down on his shaft, lubing it with her wetness, then guides it inside her tight slit. She rides it steadily, rising and falling on it, then holding still so he can thrust up into her vigorously. Her sexy breasts jiggle as she bounces harder. She dismounts and sits astride Vito’s face for him to lick her juiced-up pussy, rocking her hips to intensify the sensations as she starts to cum.