HotAndMean – Nicolette Shea,Daisy Marie Nicolette Saves The World Part 1 (16.12.2018)

The world has become a dangerous place and Nicolette Shea is ready to save to the day! Where ever a problem rears its ugly head, Nicolette is there to squash it. When Daisy Marie, a small time crook, breaks into a house to steal some dildo’s – Niclolette is called into action! She arrives to find Daisy testing the dildo’s in the bedroom. Now that she has the crook cornered she pounces on the pretty pussy, and prepares to arrest her. Daisy isn’t going to make it easy and uses the dildo to fend off Nicolette. After some negotiation, Nicolette agrees to show Daisy how to properly use the dildos if she’ll come along quietly. But once the dildo enters Daisy’s juicy pussy, she can’t keep quiet!